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Host a mini-preschool or daycare from your home, without the lift of a finger

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For lots of families, enrolling in daycare or preschool is not an option at the moment. ilk can help run a mini-preschool or daycare from your home.
What's a mini preschool or daycare?
A mini preschool or daycare is essentially the same as your traditional child care, but based out of your home, and with less students. This allows families to keep the children to provider ratio smaller and reduce the tuition as the number of children increases.
How it works
Schedule a quick phone consultation
We'll explain the ins-and-outs of how everything works and get a feel for what you're looking for.
Things to think about
Do you have space to host?
What are the children’s ages, approximately?
What’s your COVID-19 risk profile?
Start care now!
We help setup the mini child care
Once we know your needs, we can get started with setup.
The process
We provide a high quality teacher
We ensure your space is setup for group care
You can start immediately, before other students enroll
Families apply to enroll
We’ll advertise your mini child care on our platform and recruit families to join.
The application process
Families will be able to safely chat with the teacher and see the space
You can be involved in chats too, if preferred
You have final approval of students
Teachers have experience creating diverse classrooms and will suggest students to admit.
The enrollment process
You give the final green light on which students get admitted
Admitted family finalizes enrollment paperwork
Your tuition decreases as more
students enroll (up to 5)
This also means more socialization for your little one!
Ready to get started?
Why ilk?
With COVID-19, families are hesitant to enroll their children in daycare or preschool.This option is a safer option during a pandemic.
High quality teachers
All our teachers have a background and training in early childhood education. In addition, we offer them ongoing ECE mentorship and support.
Safety first
Our top priority is to keep everyone safe while learning during the pandemic. We’ll only enroll children that have the same shelter in place practices as you.
An environment that fosters learning
All you need is a dedicated learning space. We’ll provide the materials and playthings that promote age-appropriate development.
Socialization without the exposure risk
Kindergarten readiness is often attained via social interaction. This option provides socialization while maintaining control of your social bubble.

We know you’ll love our teachers

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Our screening process includes
3+ years of formal child care experience
Reference checks with prior families and/or child care employers
Confirm certifications (CPR, First Aid)
Academic background with ECE units for preschool teachers
Background checks
Ready to get started?
“ilk was a big help with setting up my share care. Both families are so happy to have met Ingrid and to have our child care situation figured out.”
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Andrea E, San Francisco
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Keeping our young learners safe